ABC’s of Morality

While society has progressed, it seems we’ve left behind the basic building blocks of our civilization – our morals. We know how to cure disease, Tik Tok, Zoom and even how to fly to the moon, but do we know how to be humble? Do we know how to act with wisdom? Do we know how to think for ourselves? The ABC’s of Morality is a fun, wholesome primer on basic concepts of politics and soul that are too often forgotten in our confusing modern world. The book is written and illustrated for readers of all ages to enjoy!

Dinesh D’souza interviews Lauren on new book

Henry The Sheepdog & The Wolf Of Mossville

It has been said that a lie has the chance to get all around the world before the truth can get its pants on. Henry the sheepdog is a child-friendly reflection on the disturbing truth of that statement. Lies can be told, lives ruined, and truth minced in the pursuit of all sorts of unsavory ulterior motives. The little critters of Mossville are the perfect introduction to how we shouldn’t always believe everything we read. Many sheepdogs are turned into wolves every day by particularly virulent lies. This book is for them.

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