Earlier last year I stepped away from politics in a bid to focus on family. What most people didn’t know was I had married a man from the land downunder, and subsequently moved here. I’ve been rather quiet about my time in Australia for more reasons than just my pregnancy and family though. The truth is despite Australians reasonably laid back and libertarian social culture, sadly they’ve been taking cues from North America as of late and are diving headfirst into the pool of cancel culture. 

As I learn more and more by the day about the news and media cycle here, I hear about the reporters and celebrities who have been targeted by the mob. Last year, veteran commentator Alan Jones said that the PM should “shove a sock down the throat” of New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern. This was clearly meant as a call for her to simply shut up, yet he was immediately jumped upon by the outrage mob for promoting violence against women. People petitioned his station, advertisers pulled out from his show, and even the Australian Communications and Media Authority came for him.

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