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Borderless is already making an impact, receiving international coverage for its investigation into illegal NGO operations.

We have already taken Borderless to the European Parliament to share some of the groundbreaking footage with its MEPs. Upcoming reports include the world’s first interview with members of a Moroccan human trafficking ring, an undercover exposé of one of Europes’ largest smuggling operations and first hand accounts of ISIS activity inside the largest refugee processing facility in Europe.

It’s been a massive, risky and dangerous project. Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent on local fixers, agents and security, the cards to record footage alone cost $200-300 each. But because of this we have been able to capture incredible footage that will change the way people perceive the European Migration Crisis.

However, to see Borderless completed we still need to reach a final milestone. Borderless has cost a huge amount of money but by the time we are done we will have a film to rival, and even surpass the traditional media. Finally we will be able to share the truth in a way that can reach more people than ever before.

It is important to everyone involved in Borderless that it goes out 100% free to watch, to ensure as many people can access the truth as possible. And with the European elections in May possibly being the last chance to turn the tide, the race is on to finish the project.

Our final costs (USD$) are:

  • Editing Equipment:
    (servers, hard drives, studio monitor speakers)
  • Editing & Post Production:
    (editing, transcription, closed captions etc.)
  • Composing / Scoring Fees:
    (professional audio tracks and scoring)
  • Licenses & Copyright:
    (additional B-roll, effects, licenses)

So we need to raise $19,000 – that will cover the absolute base costs to get Borderless out and to keep it free for everyone. But if we can, we’d like to premiere the documentary where it matters most – Europe. We’d like to make sure as many people as possible see this documentary so in the goal we’ve included a budget for advertising, distribution, closed caption translations and everything we need to make the impact that this topic deserves.

Update: We reached our goal… Thank You!
We are still welcoming additional donations as we can put these towards much needed exposure for the documentary. Creation of advertising material, Facebook campaigns and social media outreach to ensure the truth about the migrant crisis is heard across Europe.

Thank you for your support!