Empty Love

The world is filling up with tears of those who feel alone.

Men and women have never seemed so desperate for one another and yet so separate and bitter. Our movies feature grand stories of love and sex, we’ve designed apps to match up with one another, every moment of our lives seems dominated by the question of who will I feel close to next. What does it mean to be close though, is that love? What is love? Is love emotional, is it sexual, is closeness just being in someone’s bed for the night?

The modern world has no guidance when it comes to love, and as such young people are in a flurry of confusion and despair when it comes to dating and marriage.

We jump from person to person as though they are a new pair of shoes to be worn and tossed out when we bore of
them. “Empty Love” seeks to investigate the modern dating and sexual dilemma. What brought us here? Why are we so confused?


Coming Soon