“Keeping the media honest
is my passion”

About Lauren

Lauren Southern is a Canadian journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. She is well known for her films Farmlands, Borderless and most recently Crossfire. Whether it be the murder of South African farmers or the cover-up of crime statistics in America, she does not shy away from controversial political crises.

Southern also has a robust writing and commentary career, covering issues of feminism, free speech, immigration and geopolitical power struggles. Her commentary has been featured in IB Times, The Spectator, Spiked, Sky News, Human Events and more.

In a world where media are bought and paid for by interest groups, and pressured by the powers that be, independent journalists are needed more than ever. Southern is dedicated to her peaceful advocacy of exposing corruption and speaking up for the silent majority who deserve a voice.

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Empty Love

The world is filling up with tears of those who feel alone. Men and women have never seemed so desperate for one another and yet so separate and bitter. Our movies feature grand stories of love and sex, we’ve designed apps to match up with one another, every moment of our lives seems dominated by the question of who will I feel close to next.

New Children’s Book!

ABC’s of Morality

The ABC’s of Morality was created to combat the woke takeover of children’s literature with wholesomeness instead. It’s okay to be masculine! Bravery is good! Don’t fall for the trap of group think. Pursue virtue & wisdom!

These are just a few of the lessons in this book